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The GH3 system is a modular design concept whose classic yet contemporary appearance makes sure GH3 installations blend perfectly with both new and existing buildings, architectural styles and interior design.

Lots of different modules are available. This makes it easy to adjust GH3 set-ups to match individual needs as regards functionality, specifications and budgets.

Among the prime advantages of the GH3 system are that it is always ready to use, and that it is specifically designed for heavy- duty use under the kinds of conditions encountered in professional care environments.

With Guldmann Care Lift Management (CLM) software, all data relating to how the system has been used is logged and recorded. This data can be downloaded as documentation as well as for subsequent analysis with a view to improving and fine tuning lifting procedures, for greater efficiency and comfort.

guildmann GH3




The Guldmann GH3 is a modular system which comprises of:

User-friendly and extremely powerful and fast lifting module for permanent installation.
Lifting capacity 200 or 250 kg

Similar to GH3, but with options like integrated scale, Care Lift Management and service monitoring system and even faster lifting speed. Lifting capacity 200, 250, 300 or 350 kg

GH3/GH3+ with drive motor
For horizontal movement of the lifting module in the rail system the GH3 and GH3+ are available with drive motor.
They can be operated with standard hand control (with cord) or with optional infra-red (IR) remote control.

With Guldmann service software, the operation of each lifting module can be monitored continuously and updates will be carried out during the annual service. The display automatically shows when any kind of service is required.

guildmann GH3 TWIN




The GH3 Twin give you the option to lift in excess of 350kg and up to 500kg. The twin motor also enables the care provider to alter the user’s position whilst in the sling, making lighter work to reposition the user into seated positions, or provide comfort whilst in the sling. The horizontal traverse drive motors are not available for the heavy-duty model.

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