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Mobile hoists are an important tool for the care provider in helping to reduce muscular and skeletal injuries. They help provide safe, dependable solutions that are ergonomically sound for the carer to work with, comfortable and reassuring for the user being lifted. Mobile hoists offer flexibility and can be moved around from location to location.

Careful consideration should be taken when choosing a mobile hoist. A full risk assessment must be carried out to ensure the hoist is the correct solution that meets your requirements.

The following things should be taken into consideration when choosing a mobile hoist: environment, furniture being used around or under, lifting height, weight of the user, carer’s physical ability to manoeuvre the hoist and patient. There are two types of mobile hoists: passive and active.


The passive hoists will lift from any location from floor, bed, bath and seated positions. The service user will be hoisted safely even if they can’t participate themselves.



 The active hoist generally lifts only from a seated position and the user has to have the ability to co-operate and participate during the lifting procedure. This is generally a sit to stand transfer, ideal for bed to chair, chair to chair or chair to toilet.


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