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Mobile hoists are an important tool for the care provider in helping to reduce muscular and skeletal injuries. They help provide safe, dependable solutions that are ergonomically sound for the carer to work with and comfortable and reassuring for the user being lifted. They offer flexibility and can be moved around from location to location.

Careful consideration should be taken when choosing a mobile hoist, a full risk assessment must be carried out to ensure the hoist is the correct solution that meets your requirements. Things to consider, environment, furniture being used around or under, lifting height, weight of the user, carers physical ability to maneuver the hoist and patient. There are two types of mobile hoists, passive and active.




Compact, portable and exceptionally versatile

The Journey stand aid from Oxford incorporates the latest design and manufacturing technologies to produce the most unique, compact and portable folding stand aid on the market today.

Key features

  • 155kg/24st safe working load
  • Compact folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Unique adjustable cow horn function
  • Ergonomic design considerations
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic control system
  • Removable foot tray for walking/rehabilitation activity




Exceptional performance, combined with outstanding flexibility

The Elevate is designed specifically to improve the lifting experience as well as promote patient independence. With a massive safe working load of 200kg/440Ibs and integrated weigh-scale, the Elevate is an extremely adaptable and flexible stand aid lift.

  • Heavy duty safe working load (200kg/440Ibs)
  • Integrated class III digital weigh-scale
  • Ergonomic design considerations
  • Easy to adjust knee pad with safety belt
  • Removable foot tray and cover
  • Powered leg positioning






The active lifter is a heavy duty sit to stand hoist, which combines the latest Guldmann technology including SIC (service information console) which provides the engineers with; Total number of lifts, lifts since last service, number of battery warnings, number of errors or faults and indicated when parts need replacing, time in use not age. Keeping the running costs down to a minimum.

Key features

  • 175kg/28st or 205kg/32 safe working load
  • Optional lifting points, to lift a wider range of people
  • Optional hip support sling to provide even more support
  • Strong 24V/4.5AH NiMH batteries ensure long usage, and shorter charging times
  • On board or off board charging as standard
  • Removable toot tray

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