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The GH1 ceiling hoist system is designed to meet the full range of day-to-day lifting needs in homes and nursing environments. It takes up very little space, and is very easy to use with the full range of Guldmann lifting slings and accessories.

The GH1 offers flexibility with 3 modals to choose from:

The GH1 hoist is permanently attached to the rail.

The GH1F flexible is a hoist that can be attached and detached from the rail automatically, which can then be transported from room to room using a transport and storage cart.

 The GH1Q is also a hoist that can be removed from one track to another by a manual click-on click-off system. All models have the capacity to lift from 175 to 250kg.

guildmann GH1




Easy to use
The GH1 system enables the care staff to lift and move users without risking any back strain. The GH1 ceiling hoist quickly and safely lifts users weighing up to a maximum of 255 kg, operated by an ergonomically correct and easy-to-use hand control. Quicker lifting frees up more time for highly important nursing and caring tasks.

Quick recharging
The GH1 is quickly recharged by placing the hand control in the GH1 recharging dock. Recharging normally only takes 2-3 hours, and a fully charged lifting module can cope with more than 55 lifts of 85 kg.

GH1 lifting modules can be mounted in most types of rails.

Safe and reliable
The GH1 ceiling hoist complies with all relevant standards, and is extremely safe and reliable in use.

The GH1 shares much of the same DNA as the award winning GH3 ceiling hoist that has been installed in many of the most prestigious hospitals around the world. The GH1 ceiling hoist system makes full use of innovative and robust GH3 technology, design, functionality and cost- effectiveness.

Lifting capacity 175 – 205 – 255kg


guildmann GH1F




The GH1 F – is a flexible lifting module that is easy to move from one room to another by means of the transport and storage cart. It installs and removes itself automatically from the rail system, and eliminates any lifting, stretching or straining by the care staff in the process of moving and installing the lift.

With the GH1 F you can decide to install rails in several rooms and use fewer lifting modules that in the day- to-day care can easily be moved from one room to another.

Flexible, efficient and safe

Once installed the GH1 F gives you exactly the same functions as the GH1 lifting module – and delivers the same benefits as a fixed ceiling lift:

Lifting capacity 175 – 205 – 250kg

guildmann GH1Q



The GH1 Q lifting module has a quick-release system that makes it very easy to click-on and click-off the lifting module from the rails, if from time to time it’s necessary to relocate the lifting module to another room or residence. The moving of the lifting module can be accomplished without any use of tools.

Lifting capacity 175 – 205 – 250kg

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